All the News Unfit To Print

If the Substack legal department lets me get away with it, this is where I'm going to post news stories and extremist comments about them I copy, rather than corrupt the Tommie Tooter Tales section with so much misinformed bigotry and violent thoughts.

What is life for but to eat shit every day and then die? It seems to me that the life of 21st century humans is a string of shit sandwiches served up from the moment the doctor slaps them in the ass an…
A discussion on the motivations of school shooters
Great Sioux Nation vs Connie Uhre and the Grand Gateway Hotel
No life matters more than any other and people don't come in black or white.
Covid-19 Is A Biological Weapon
It’s Beginning to Feel Like We’ve Finally Pushed the Planet Past its Final Tipping Point
My blogs are appearing at KF and AMB. That’s a no-no. One of these people is doing it. You all have until Monday morning to either upgrade to a paid…
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